About ListenTrust

Who Are We?

Founded in 2006, ListenTrust is regarded as an industry leader when it comes to bilingual call center services. Our expertise lies in strengthening person-to-person connections to improve a customer’s experience with a client’s brand.

Headquartered in Portland, Maine, and operating in Mexico, our nearshore call center employs over 800 highly skilled English and Spanish-speaking live agents. Our technology supports remote agent expansion, and existing strategic partnerships can provide overflow capacity of up to an additional 2,000 bilingual agents if required. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.


What Do We Do?

We provide businesses with personalized call center outsourcing reaching consumers in the United States, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America. Our services help businesses to efficiently scale, while limiting expensive staffing costs.

ListenTrust’s executive and management teams have decades of collective call center experience. We have extensive experience handling inbound and outbound sales and lead generation projects, non-profit fundraising campaigns, and customer service for a wide variety of industry products and service types as they relate to direct response and digital marketing.

To find out more about our specialized offerings, visit our call center services page.


Why ListenTrust?

Consider us a strategic marketing partner in your business. We have the same passion that you do and our mission is to cultivate exemplary brand experiences. We listen to your customers, provide solutions, and earn their trust.

We approach everything with a marketing mindset to provide you with maintainable solutions designed to achieve your goals.

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What our Clients are Saying

ListenTrust is not a vendor of ours; they are a partner. ListenTrust delivers top-quality performance and results for ICTV Brands on a consistent basis but what is more important to me is that for the 1% of the time things do not go as planned, they react as a partner and not just another vendor.

Vince Dargush- VP of Operations, ICTV