Services Overview

ListenTrust offers all the services you would expect from a first-class call center, and then goes beyond: a commitment to excellence that ensures a positive customer response.


We can get you up and running quickly or we can help you step back and rework your approach to achieve optimum performance.

Customer Service


Using outstanding CRM technology and our unique process of quality call handling, our call center experience with outsourced customer service campaigns in English and Spanish has consistently exceeded client expectations. Not only are we skilled at standard customer care, but we can also realize revenue streams within the customer service call that didn’t previously exist. Our expert reporting systems enable clients to track trends and implement proactive solutions that keep clients ahead of callers’ needs.

Inbound Sales


One of the first inbound call centers to provide inbound marketing services and able to convert soft offers for the U.S. Hispanic market, ListenTrust has the skills and experience to handle any offer type and consistently perform above par. With 500 seats available in a 24/7 operation, we have ample capacity for long form, shot form, and PI/PO media with minimal spike issues. Over a decade of experience working inbound campaigns means we understand trends and schedule proactive, flexible staffing that leads to better results and ROI for our clients.

Outbound Telemarketing Services


The ListenTrust call center now offers outbound services as a proactive approach to help clients strengthen and develop new customer relationships. The opportunity to communicate with your potential and current customers creates sales. By offering this additional service we can help our clients increase their ROI in several different ways.




Even before the phones start ringing, we’ll put our sales expertise to work for you. Scripting can make or break any campaign- the essential bridge that will lead an interested caller to a completed purchase. Our Account Management team will evaluate your existing scripting and work with your ad copy and our agents to make sure the script works seamlessly with our sales team. And when clients come to us without scripting of any kind, we’ll use our collective years of experience to build out a solid script based on the ad copy.