Nonprofit Services

When potential donors call, they want to engage on a personal level, with confidence in how their donations are handled

By connecting with potential donors and quickly building a trusting relationship, ListenTrust increases successful recurring donations as well as additional one-time donations for our non-profit clients. 

Diverse Call Center Solutions
  • Precise and secure processing of recurring donations, one-time donations, retention, and renewal
  • Full suite of inbound and outbound services including support for telethons, radiothons, and special events
  • Donor support services
    • English, Spanish, or bilingual, operating 24/7/365
    • Phone, email, social media, and chat
What this means for our Clients

In side-by-side tests, ListenTrust outperformed a prominent non-profit client with another call center solution, delivering nearly 200% more recurring monthly donations and additional one-time donations

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals had been doing general market radiothons with great success for a number of years but had not attempted to do the same in the Hispanic market. ListenTrust addressed all our issues directly and professionally. We toured their facility, talked to their staff, looked at the operation, and found it was exactly what we were looking for in a Spanish-language contact center partner. Our business is not an easy business to service. We hold live events that are subject to large call spikes. These events can change dramatically from year to year and even during the course of an event. ListenTrust has gone the extra mile in all cases to work with us and to accommodate our very demanding business. We could not have found a better partner!

Robert J. Banner, SVP, Donor, Direct Marketing Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals