Retail & E-Commerce Call Center Solutions

 ListenTrust offers bilingual 24-hour omnichannel direct response support for your retail or e-commerce business. This includes handling customer calls, social media inquiries, email, live chat support, and more.

Maximize Your Time By Outsourcing Customer Service

As a business owner, we know that time is a precious commodity – there is never enough! Outsourcing your customer service team gives you more time to focus on what’s important: your storefront. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or you’re running an online e-commerce brand, we offer many solutions that can help save you time.


Realtime Customer Engagement With Live Chat Support

ListenTrust is more than just your typical call center. We offer customer support across a multitude of platforms. Long gone are the days when customers are only making contact by phone. Subsequently, we have expanded customer support solutions to accommodate today’s buyers. This means, responding via live chat support on your website, over social media platforms, and much more.

Live Chat Support Solutions Include:

  • Virtual Reception
  • Order Taking
  • Logistics Management
  • Product/Service Inquiries
  • Technical Support
  • Call-Off Lines

Guide Customer Behavior To Help Close More Sales

Provide our agents with your customized call protocol or allow us to help create personalized scripting for you. Our focus with retail and e-commerce customer service is to represent the brand and its vision just as you, the owner, would.

For each client that we work with, we like to take a deep dive into the business, considering the specific industry, typical customer journey, and any common hang-ups that your customers may incur. All of this helps us to determine which strategies are most beneficial for your business.

Ultimately this information helps us guide customer behavior, close any open feedback loops, and increase sales.

Ensure High Quality, Positive User Experiences

Having an outsourced team of around-the-clock customer service agents means that customers can make immediate contact with your business if they have problems, questions, or concerns. Our bilingual team of customer service agents is able to effectively communicate with both your English and Spanish-speaking customers.

Knowing that someone is on the other end to immediately rectify issues not only increases customer trust in the brand but also cultivates an increased occurrence of positive user experiences. In today’s world, bad news travels fast. Having a responsive e-commerce customer service team on reserve can help turn small hiccups into positive brand reviews.

We make it easy to keep track of agent performance. ListenTrust offers customized reporting and KPI data measurements to show how our agents are benefitting your brand. We can also help you identify repetitive pain points that your customers may commonly have.


Let Us Handle Your E-commerce Customer Service 


Contact our team of agents today to see how we can help streamline and scale your business with our customer management systems. E-commerce customer service solutions are just a call away