Direct Response Call Center

Our Direct Response Marketing Services

Direct response marketing is a great way to sell products and services. It can even be used to generate donations for nonprofit organizations. But for a campaign to be successful, your business must be ready for an influx in traffic, and at ListenTrust, our direct response call center services ensure your customers never experience long wait times” but that’s not all.

Our team of experienced agents offer a multitude of personalized inbound call center solutions that represent your brand, voice, and vision and boost your efforts, including:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Lead qualification and capture solutions
  • Event Registration
  • Fundraising and donations
  • Appointment setting and reservations
  • Membership renewal
  • Help desk services
  • Call overflow management

Using Advanced Direct Response Marketing Technology

Our agents specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technology to make the most out of every transaction. We are available both day and night, in Spanish and English, to help move conversations from questions and doubts to offers and orders, increasing your sales and revenue.

Our best-in-breed technology integrates lead generation, CRM, script management tools, product information, and up-sell and cross-sell offers. Anticipating customer behavior, we offer trial, soft, multi-pay, and continuity offers. With ListenTrust’s expertise and cutting-edge tech, rest assured that your business’s marketing strategy is in good hands.

Direct Response Marketing That Considers the Customer Journey

When it comes to driving your business to success, customer experience is key. That is why we believe in taking a deep dive into your business, understanding the industry, customer journey, and any common hang-ups that can get in the way of progress. Our goal is to develop direct response campaign strategies that guide customer behavior, close feedback loops, and ultimately, increase sales.

Our agents are familiar with different touch points that make up the customer journey, from initial contact to purchase and beyond. And when anyone hits a snag in the process, we take action. ListenTrust identifies potential problem areas and develops strategies to help resolve them when they arise.

Direct Response Marketing That Reaches the U.S. Hispanic Market

We specialize in Spanish language and bilingual English and Spanish services specifically tailored to the U.S. Hispanic market. Our highly educated, motivated bilingual agents are proficient in effective communication in both languages. We use a unique approach designed to be as profitable as possible for U.S. Hispanic consumers, allowing us to achieve extremely high success rates from inbound calls to scheduled appointments.

Industries We Serve

No matter the industry, we can help boost your campaign efforts. Some of our largest clients include companies in the following industries:

Retail and E-Commerce Direct Response Call Center Solutions

ListenTrust offers bilingual multichannel direct response support 24/7/365 for retail and e-commerce businesses, including handling customer phone calls, social media inquiries, email, live chat support, and more. Our agents have the experience and skills to connect with your customers across multiple channels and can switch between them at any time during interactions to improve customer satisfaction. Whether you need virtual reception support, order-taking solutions, or a knowledgeable team of agents to answer product and service inquiries, we got you covered.

Direct Response Call Center Solutions for Nonprofits

Nonprofits face a unique set of challenges when it comes to engaging with potential donors. At ListenTrust, we understand common roadblocks that prevent donations from rolling in. By using a wide range of solutions, our experienced agents connect with your donors quickly and easily. We help our clients build trust with donors by offering a full suite of inbound call center solutions, from telethons and radiothons to donor support services. We also provide precise and secure processing of recurring donations, one-time donations, retention, and renewal.

ListenTrust is not a vendor of ours, they are a partner. In a perfect world, you would never run into issues when dealing with direct response marketing, but the reality is that issues or unforeseen problems DO happen. ListenTrust delivers top-quality performance and results for ICTV Brands on a consistent basis, but what is more important to me is that for the 1% of the time, things do not go as planned they react as a partner and not just another vendor.


 Vince Dargush, VP of Operations, ICTV


Start Customizing Your Direct Response Campaign Today

Ready to talk specifics about your next direct response campaign and how our inbound call center solutions can increase your bottom line? Give us a call to speak with an agent now.

An Experienced Nearshore Direct Response Call Center

Choosing a nearshore call center keeps costs down while providing an excellent solution for businesses that want to scale and increase revenue. At ListenTrust, we have over 800 English and Spanish speaking agents who are passionate and driven to meet the needs of your customers. We understand the importance of providing excellent customer service and have years of expertise in the U.S. Hispanic market, so we can help you launch your next direct response campaign quickly and easily. Our agents are knowledgeable about local language, culture, and customs, so they can provide a top-notch customer service experience that rivals domestic U.S. based agents. And with our strategic partnerships, we can provide overflow capacity to an additional 1,000 bilingual agents if you need extra support. Contact us today to learn more about our direct response marketing solutions.