Call Center Careers

ListenTrust is the leading bilingual call center.

ListenTrust offers direct response, non-profit, and corporate clients a broad range of call center services in Spanish and English specializing in inbound and outbound sales, customer service, and lead generation.

As a call center representative working for ListenTrust, we rely on your motivation, knowledge, and great customer service to help our clients grow and flourish.


Company Culture

What makes ListenTrust unique is the culture. There are seven core values that the company utilizes in day-to-day operations. Each core value is defined to help employees understand what it is and how to use it as a guiding principle. Employee satisfaction is paramount, and people see this when they visit. Our core values:

  • 100% Heart, 100% Effort
  • Have Eachother’s Backs
  • Desire to Improve
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Do What You Say
  • Be Positive and Fun



For current job openings, please email your resume to: