Advantages of a Call Center

Advantages of A Call Center


Call centers are specialized departments that exist to handle large call volumes for a business, whether that be fielding customer service calls, screening new patients, or various other services. Each call center staffs agents trained in customer service, market research, general support, and more to field the calls. Call center employees focus on roles within the company, and the specialized training allows agents to obtain relevant information that can help the company in future interactions. Call centers are a widely used and incredibly valuable tool, but there are many advantages of a call center that not everyone sees.


What are the benefits of call center?

Call centers can help a business of any size. Between reducing in-house costs, improving customer satisfaction and experience, providing marketing information, and more, there is no shortage of benefits to a call center for even smaller businesses.


Reduced Costs

If you decide to outsource or use a separate business to run your call center, you are only paying for the time agents spend on your calls plus operation fees. This system is significantly cheaper than running your call center in-house, but you can also run your own call center. If you want to run your call center, you are still not paying as much as you would for specialist or skilled labor, as most call centers consist of entry-level employees. Call centers are popular jobs for students who want to gain experience in an industry, which also keeps the costs low for you.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

A reliable call center will use defined roles to ensure all issues have sufficient covering; when a customer calls in, they talk with a representative who has enough information to solve the problem or find someone who does. The more proficient and efficient a call center is, the better the customer’s experience will be. Low wait times, a simple phone tree, knowledgeable agents, and more all make the customer experience better. When the customer experience is better, your customers will likely become loyal to your brand.


Increase Sales

When companies handle their own calls or a voicemail to catch customer calls, they miss up to 90% of calls. Many customers simply will not leave a voicemail or wait through long hold times to speak to a representative, which means your business loses sales. A dedicated call center ensures you do not miss those calls and have every opportunity to turn those calls into sales. You can also use a call center just for overflow calls when your employees are all already busy, so you are not constantly paying for a call service you don't always need.

Competitive Advantage

If your competitor has a business phone number staffed by 24/7 agents compared to your office number that doesn't list hours or time zone, most customers will choose your competitor. It is not enough to sell a good product; you also must support your customers. Adding a call center to your business helps your company stand out by telling customers you care about them and what happens after buying a product. A customer will be more willing to make a big purchase with your company if they are confident in your customer support compared to your competition.


Saves Money

It might sound expensive to hire a call center when you could directly hire a few people to manage your calls, but that is not the case. With shared service call centers, you only pay for the minutes or hours the agents manage your business' calls. Hiring a call center to monitor your calls 24/7 is often cheaper than hiring one person to cover your calls full-time. Instead of paying one person's wages, benefits, equipment, and other needs, you can hire a call center to do the same job for less overall.

Deciding to add a call center to your business is a big decision, and there are so many different providers to choose from. Learn more about ListenTrust and discover why ListenTrust is the best choice for your next call center. We have the industry experience and knowledge to be your best call center partner at a reasonable price.



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