Marketing Strategies: Using Human Connection to Capitalize on Online Sales

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Despite Living in a Digital World, Your Customers Still Value a Human Connection

While digital transformation has brought many valuable marketing tools and tactics to the forefront, whether for product sales or for lead and demand generation campaigns, most customers" still tend to trust people" more than they trust machines. Many people still feel there’s something to be said for talking to a person who can understand a situation, especially the emotion involved. Most people still prefer to have the option of contacting customer service via phone, more than they use any other channel, and especially if other “non-human” options are not effective at resolving a concern the first (or second or third) time.

How Important is Human Connection when it Comes to Customer Service Solutions?

Having a person involved in the customer nurturing process, in addition to customer service, can be a game-breaking tactic. There is no exact time in every sales funnel (or post-sales) that promises success, but it is important that you have a touch point option or a person to person interaction proactively inserted into your prospective or current clients’ experience.

They probably have been using digital tools to gather information and formulate an opinion on a product or service, and they may be well on their way to deciding on a purchase. A live person added in that process has the agility to point to customer value and adjust the benefits according to a certain customer’s needs as well as overcome objections much more effectively than a non-human method. This may just be the missing ingredient you need to deliver that win.

Another ListenTrust Success Story

Whether you are an established company looking to boost sales, expand with current customers or a start-up that has underestimated the amount of initial interest your campaign might generate, there is always a need and even important value-add to proactively integrate a human connection to help reach your goals.

Check out this recent success story where ListenTrust:

  • Managed extremely high and unexpected call volume
  • Addressed customer concerns
  • Boosted Customer retention
  • Freed up the client’s exec team to build and scale their business
  • And most importantly saved them money

For more information, contact Tom Sheppard, VP Business Development, at:"

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