Whether you are looking to outsource your call center or run one yourself, you should consider the different services offered by call centers. The services you need might affect which types of call centers would work for your needs. There are different types of call centers to suit different situations and goals. A company looking to increase customer solutions, support systems, and market research will need additional services in a call center compared to a company that just wants customer service support. Before you decide on a call center, investigate the different types to ensure your needs will be met.


Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center is what most people think of when they imagine a call center. Customers call a phone number and are connected with an agent hired by the company. Support teams will typically monitor calls that are primarily from existing customers with technical questions or support issues. Most inbound calls are quick fixes or first level support for common issues, but more specialized agents can handle more complex calls. In general, inbound calls will consist of the following:

  • Product or tech support
  • Order processing or payment processing
  • Upgrade and renew inquiries
  • Answer business inquiries
  • Customer service


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An outbound call center is when agents call potential or existing customers rather than have them initiate the call. Outbound call centers are typically used for sales, promotions, market research, and customer surveys. Some companies use outbound call centers for a welcome call where new customers are created and given more information about the company. This process is made faster with the help of predictive dialers so agents can get through large call volumes in one day. While the exact tasks vary by call center, most outbound call centers will handle and provide these services:

  • Proactive announcements like communication delays or order changes
  • Prospective calls to convert potential customers
  • Renewal calls to entice existing customers to repurchase
  • Cross-selling to existing customers to encourage sales of new products
  • Debt collection or owed balance reminders
  • Customer satisfaction surveys after varying periods of time
  • Market research
  • Appointment booking for in-person support or appointments


In-House Call Center

An in-house call center is directly responsible for customer loyalty, support, and other services, making in-house call centers ideal for companies with intricate internal workings or support processes. In-house call centers are typically staffed by dedicated and well-trained agents that facilitate all interactions with new, old, and potential clients from within the company. In-house call centers let a company offer the personal touch, control every aspect of support and outreach, and keep their data in-house as well, but it is not a perfect solution for everyone.

Virtual Call Center

Virtual call centers use geographically dispersed agents but use cloud technology to create a unified call center. The cloud technology is relatively simple and does not require special equipment or programming. You only need a phone, computer, and internet connection to get a virtual call center up and running. Once the virtual call center is running, you can manage the system with a CRM tool or sales support system with no expensive or complicated software required. This system lets agents work in groups or from home while not sacrificing the quality of their services. You can even divide virtual call centers into domestic and international groups, so incoming domestic calls are sent to the domestic agents, and international calls are sent to the international group of agents. International call centers often use toll-free or local numbers to minimize fees for customers.

Choosing a call center can be an overwhelming decision, as they are many factors to consider. It can be hard to navigate the choices, but ListenTrust is here to help. Contact ListenTrust to learn why we are the best choice to run your next call center and ensure your business has its needs met by an experience industry partner.



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