Our last two posts discussed the importance of connecting with customers through their preferred channel of communication. We know how important it is to meet the consumer at the right place during their buying journey, but we also want to discuss the value of integrating technology along the way to help create a seamless customer experience and increase conversions.

Using Expected Consumer Behavior to Curate Communication

Reflecting over the last several years, marketers were apprehensive about including the URL on infomercials because they thought it would turn people away from purchasing. However, these customers were the information-seeking consumers who wanted to go to the website to learn more before buying. Now we’ve tapped into that new, discerning buyer, a demographic that buys differently than the impulsive buyer. They want to ask more questions and they want additional options for purchasing. It is the information age’s technology that helped create these new habits.

At ListenTrust, our goal is to understand the type of customer that is calling before we even pick up the phone. We want to know how likely they are to purchase so we can best route the call and keep overall costs down. As we aim to get the ratio of calls to conversions as low as possible, we often leverage smart routing tools through IVR. ListenTrust also operates as a performance-based call center, meaning our customers only pay when we convert. So, as the marketer continues to drive calls, we implement the use of smart technology tools to continue driving conversions.

In this consumer landscape, it is also important to have additional ways for people to place an order, which is why we’ve become interested in the use of chatbots as another way to connect with customers on the internet, social media or via text. With chatbots, the system responds with predetermined conversation triggers, or users can get routed to a live agent if they need further assistance.


How Can ListenTrust Maximize Your Marketing ROI with Technology?

We’re a forward-thinking company that strives to find the best method of incorporating technology to help maximize ROI. Our main goal is to understand the consumer mindset and habits that indicate their purchase preferences and technology helps us do that in a way that greatly benefits both parties. When we learn how to, and only, handle callers who will purchase, we are more efficient for our clients and our company.

So how do we transition to meet the new buying habits of consumers? It’s something we should already be doing. The trend has manifested and we need to start looking at it that way, collaborating with each other along the way and launching campaigns to meet it head-on. 

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